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Volunteers needed Saturday, 6/1/19 @6:30 AM

It's that time again, to paint crosswalks and lines.

Won’t you volunteer and give us some time?

We know it's important to keep the town safe, 

and keep traffic flowing and point out parking space.

Visitors and locals love to stop, shop and eat,

but without painted lines, crossing feels like defeat.

Cars, trucks, and the like all whizzing through town, 

with no indication they need to slow down. 

So, CAB paints the lines and the crosswalks each year, 

It’s all thanks you see to our great volunteers. 

So lend us an hour or two if you can, 

And please spread the word, we need helping hands!

If you can help us for just a couple of hours on Saturday, 6/1/19 please let us know. We will be meeting at Thompson Park at 6:30 AM. You do not need to be a member to volunteer! 

Email:  cornishareabusinesses@gmail.com Or call Patrick Harrigan 207-852-3948

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