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Minutes for June CAB Meeting

Meeting notes for regular business meeting on June 11, 2019

Members Present: Gloria Bougie of Kezar Falls Safe Storage, Teresa Drown of Bangor Savings Bank, Beverly Russell of Sacopee Veterinary Clinic, Lisa Hart of Sacopee Valley Health Center, Pat Dietzel of Arts Center at 8 Hancock Avenue, Cristina Forsyth of Bustle & Grow, Jeff Gilliland of Sacopee Veterinary Clinic, Patrick Harrigan of The Demers Home Team of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate the Masiello Group, Heather Newman of The Local Gear

Meeting was called to order at 6:12pm by Cristina Forsyth. A quorum was established.

Secretary Report: The May minutes were sent out by email. A physical copy was available at the meeting for members who wanted one. Heather Newman gave a brief overview of the minutes. Beverly Russell pointed out the financial information was not clear in the May email because of a formatting problem. A new copy of the financial information for May will be included with the June minutes. Beverly Russell motioned to accept the minutes, Gloria Bougie seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Treasurer Report: Beverly Russell presented the financial report for May. Beginning balance on 5/1 was $4,261.48, income for May was $487.98 giving a total of $4,749.46, expenses in May totaled $2931.68 leaving a 6/1 balance of $1,817.78. Expenses included making copies of the bathroom keys, opening thebathroom and providing cleaning supplies (these two items were referenced in last month’s minutes), paypalfees, CAB brochures, one Strawberry Festival vendor refund, internet maintenance, 2 years of web hosting (to take advantage of a significant discount), corporations filing, the kiosk map, and buttons to support the 3 annual CAB events. Heather Newman motioned to accept the report, Theresa Drown seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Membership Committee: Cristina Forsyth shared a list of businesses who have been members of CAB but have not renewed in 2019 and new businesses who are potential CAB members. The list was divided up between Gloria Bougie, Teresa Drown, Cristina Forsyth, Beverly Russell, Heather Newman, and Patrick Harrigan in order to reach out to contact the business owners about renewing or joining CAB. Members were asked to inquire why if a business owner was not interested in joining or renewing in order to gather information for CAB to better serve the community.

Strawberry Festival: Beverly Russell received applications for 2 more vendors bringing the total to 44. Sacopee Veterinary Clinic will be sponsoring the music at the Strawberry Festival, covering the $500 cost. A sign for the Sacopee Veterinary Clinic will be displayed by the musician to acknowledge this donation. Pete Finkle is booked from 10am-3pm. Strawberries will be picked up from Pineland, Call’s will provide bags, andSacopee Veterinary Clinic will provide clean Styrofoam coolers. Cristina Forsyth suggested providing place for people to sign up for the CAB quarterly newsletter. The Arts Center at 8 Hancock Avenue will share the CAB booth and provide a volunteer for the booth. Volunteers are needed to help with set up on 4pm Friday 28th, at the CAB booth from 9am-3pm on Saturday 29th, and to break down and clean up after 3pm on Saturday 29th. Volunteer businesses are listed as event sponsors on the website event page and social media.

Marketing and Social Media Committee: Cristina Forsyth reports new subscribers for the CAB quarterly newsletter. A sponsorship flyer will be sent out to the membership detailing what each sponsorship level offers, sponsors are needed for the three events CAB puts on annually. $150 Gold Sponsor receives an online banner ad on the CAB website, Co-host and mentions on social media, logo on promotional materials,and a month free ad on SacopeeValleyNews.com. $35 Print Sponsor receives a 2”X2” accompanying ad and mentions on CAB’s social media several times leading up to the event. You do not need to be a member to support an event. Brochures are at visitor centers in Fryeburg, Kittery, and Hallowell. Anyone who wishes to carry brochures at their business can pick them up at the Sacopee Veterinary Clinic Monday-Friday or at The Local Gear every day except Tuesday.

Scholarship Committee: Beverly Russell reported that a scholarship recipient has been chosen, but the committee is waiting on the announcement until the budget is cleared and the $500 can be set aside.

Kiosk Marketing Committee: Heather Newman reported the paint has been touched up on the kiosk and there are 4 brochure/rack card spaces available for the 2019 season. $10 a month for members and $20 a month for non-members. Contact Heather at hnewmanart@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Crosswalk Painting: Patrick Harrigan reported the crosswalk painting went well and Scott Pingree from the Fire Department was helpful and great to work with for scheduling and information. Next year the painting will be on a Sunday morning instead of Saturday with a rain date prescheduled. Thank you to the volunteers– Jeff Gilliland and Beverly Russell of Sacopee Veterinary Clinic, Gloria Bougie of Kezar Falls Safe Storage, Brendan Harrigan of The Inn at Cornish, Ben and David Newman of The Local Gear, Patrick and Theressa and Patrick Harrigan of The Demers Home Team of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate the Masiello Group. Thank you to Gloria Bougie for taking photographs and t Cristina Forsyth for compiling them in a video (found on the CAB Facebook page).

Open Discussion: Beverly Russell recommends compiling an inventory of CAB property since we currently do not have a central location for storage. Cristina Forsyth recommended putting together a process for borrowing items such as the PA system. CAB currently does not have a system for this. CAB by-laws are in the process of being updated, changes will be sent to the membership and the board for feedback and approval. This will be completed by April 2020. Beverly Russell reported the registered agent has been updated and she will request a copy of the original paperwork for the non-profit filing. There was discussion about the CAB volunteer t-shirts for the events. There was a suggestion for volunteers to be able to wear their business shirts with a CAB Volunteer lanyard or tag in order to promote local business volunteers as well as CAB.

It was recommended to skip the meeting in July because of the holiday and hold a regular meeting in August. Beverly Russell motioned to cancel the July CAB meeting. Jeff Gilliland seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Jeff Gilliland motioned to adjourn. Theresa seconded the motion. The motion was approved and the meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm. Next regular business meeting is August 13, 2019 at 6:00pm at the Cornish UCC THERE WILL BE NO MEETING IN JULY

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