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CAB Festivals, kiosk, and other updates

Updated: May 3, 2019

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying these April showers! 

The Board has been working hard and we wanted to give you an update on a few things...

Crosswalk Painting we are looking for someone to head up this committee. This person would need to communicate with the Town, set a day to paint (within the next month), gather the supplies, and coordinate the volunteers. And, paint, of course. It isn't as much work as it sounds!  THE CROSSWALKS WILL NOT BE PAINTED IF WE DON'T HAVE SOMEONE TAKE ON THE TASK. Please let me know if you are able to help.

- Strawberry Festival is just a few months away. We need raffle items, and of course, it is time to start signing up to volunteer. Please contact Beverly Russell beverly.russellcab@gmail.com

- Apple Festival we have been approved to use the park for 2019*! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Planning has already begun for this event. Please contact Heather or Dave Newman with questions, or if you would like to volunteer hnewmanart@yahoo.com. FYI Heather and I have met with the Cornish selectmen, and they have been very supportive of our efforts and wanted us to pass along a message of support to our members. It was a positive meeting!!   

-Kiosk in the Park we have only 4 holders left this season for brochures up to 4" X 9"/ And we have space for 8 flyers 8 1/2 X 11 size. The plan Scott had was to focus the glass case on local events and non-profits and they could have the space for free. I already have a flyer from the Hiram Arts Center for the case and I know the Bonney Library will want the book sale flyer there in May. We did have some businesses use the case for space last year.  The cost is $10 a month for CAB members, $20 a month for non-members and the billing season is May-November. Businesses can contact Heather at hnewmanart@yahoo.com.

-Website The new website is almost ready. Be on the lookout for an email with your new login credentials. We have taken the existing listings of our current members and will be using this info on the new site, which will also include an area for CAB members to offer coupons and deals. 

-Meetings: we have received feedback from multiple people in regard to our monthly meetings being a bit more social, and would love your input - do you attend meetings? If not, how come? (we won't hold it against you, don't worry!) What format or changes would you recommend? 

Lots of exciting things are happening, and we are pretty excited for the 2019 season. Thanks for hanging in there with us as we are adjusting to our new roles within CAB. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Cristina Forsyth

Acting CAB president,  Cornish Area Businesses (formerly Cornish Association of Businesses)

*with conditions that will require more volunteers and funds

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