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August Meeting Agenda 8/13/19

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I. Opening Statement II. Secretary Report – Heather Newman       a. Review and approval of June Meeting minutes III. Treasurer Report – Beverly Russell       a. Report IV. Event/Committee Chair Reports       a. Membership Committee – Cristina Forsyth (Bustle and Grow 207-370-5038), Bev Russell (706-714-5113) & Teresa Drown, (Bangor Savings 625-0950) Chairs              i. Report              i. Membership drive update         b. Strawberry Festival – Bev Russell, Chair (714-5113)               i. Report on festival         c. Apple Festival               i. Report               ii.Volunteers needed – including a volunteer to shadow Laurie Carr (Entertainment) on the day of the festival          d. Christmas in Cornish               i. Discuss park decorations for 2019          e. Marketing & Social Media Committee – Cristina Forsyth (Bustle & Grow) Heather Newman (The Local Gear) Chairs                i. Report                ii. CAB quarterly newsletter – deadline 9/6/19 for the 9/13/19 newsletter           f. Scholarship Committee – Brad Perkins, Chair (The Maine Real Estate Network 650-3551)                 i. Report           g. Kiosk Marketing Committee – Heather Newman, Chair (The Local Gear dave@thelocalgear.com)                 i. Report                 ii. 4 brochure/rack card spaces available V. Open Discussion - Special guests: Kora Shriners Kares for Kids Ride-In and BBQ Competition representative VI. Networking VII.Next Meeting – September 10, 2019 6:00PM at the church VIII. Adjourn

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