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Did you know that Cornish is considered part of the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains? There are several places you can visit in Cornish to view majestic Mount Washington and other nearby peaks. Cornish, Maine is one of the towns making up what’s called the Sacopee Valley area. The other towns are Baldwin, Hiram, Parsonsfield, and Porter. By the way, the word “Sacopee” is derived from Saco and Ossipee, which are the two major rivers that flow along our borders. They and the numerous, nearby lakes and ponds offer great family fun. Our woods are filled with wildlife and offer scenic hiking, biking, XC skiing, hunting and more.

Before traveling through privately owned woods and across fields, please get permission first, especially if the land is posted. You’ll find most owners agreeable if shown respect.

In the back of Pike Hall, you will find the Cornish Town Office where you can get more information on the town. The main part of the building is often used for wedding receptions and for other events such as auctions, craft fairs, annual town meetings, etc.

Across the street from Thompson Park, in the center of town, is the picturesque Odd Fellows Hall. Three-season public restrooms, maintained by CAB, can be found there.

We have a pretty healthy stock of elusive wildlife. Every once in a while they get bold enough to present themselves for a rare photo shoot. Little River, meanders through the town. In the old days, the town folks used to skate on its icy surface. It is the power source for the water wheel on the Village Jewelers shop and tumbles over a waterfall visible from an outside dining deck at Krista's Restaurant. 

Come and experience Cornish, Maine at it's finest.


Cornish welcomes you! 

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